At the edge of alchemy

Joseph Beuys

1_beuys_fatbattery 5_beuys 4_beuys 3_beuys_sled 2_beuys_fatchair



Matthew Barney

5_matthewbarney_drawing restraint 9


Drawing Restraint 9


Richard Serra

6_richardserra_moltenlead 7_richardserra_leadthrowing


9_richard serra 10_richard serra



Gordon Matta Clark




Cai Guo-Qiang

14_cai-guo-qiang_firework painting 15_cai-guo-qiang_fireworkpainting



Eve Andree Laramee



Bryan Mcgovern Wilson

Cumbrian Alchemy



Amber Ginsburg

19_amberginsburg_pastpresent2 21_amberginsburg_pastpresent4 20_amberginsburgpastpresent3


Jovencio de la Paz




A Setting for Rituals Involving Indigo
with Craft Mystery Cult (Sonja Dahl, Stacy Jo Scott)


The Craft Mystery Cult, composed of Sonja Dahl, Jovencio de la Paz, and Stacy Jo Scott, is a collective effort born from our desire for haptic making. Craft making is based in a body that remains fallible but linked to our primary human knowledge. As an unknowable and unspeakable knowledge, it remains a mystery. Craft skill is our link to this mystery.

We are projecting an alternative space, a mystery school where craft is envisioned to actually have the capacity to create a temporary, perhaps absurd utopia. Ours is an absurd linked not to irony and satire but to an optimism that remains in the face of futility. Craft Mystery Cult’s goal is not to dispense a knowledge that only a few have access to, but to remind each body of its own agency. The insertion of such practices into contemporary dialogues which favor the fetishization of a supposed post-apocalyptic condition, creates a location where sincerity rubs up against sarcasm, repetitive labor against gestures of bravado. – Craft Mystery Cult, 2012.



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