Lincoln Park



  1. It had been 80 degrees on Saturday but I forgot to pack my trowel in my bag before work and missed out on digging in nice weather. With snow on the ground, I headed home the long way so that I could take a detour through Lincoln park.. I thought my story was going to be really boring because I was a little grumpy about snow on the ground on April 15th. I found a spot on the edge of North Pond and stopped down to dig. I was listening to some bluegrass with the volume up pretty loud so I probably missed the warning sounds. I looked up and there was another goose! While waving my trowel at it in between dogs, cussing and repeatedly saying, you have got to be kidding me, I slowly filled my bag up. I had an audience of two mallards and two Canadian geese. I started cracking up after I finally got over the fear of the goose possibly attacking me. Alone on the side of the lake, a banjo playing through my headphones and these critter circling me is how I finally completed my task.

  2. Lincoln park was once a cemetery with more than 35,000 bodies. More than 15,000 may still remain.

    The piece of land that had been chosen as the cemetery when the city was still only a population of 7,000, contained loose sandy soil. The proximity of the bodies to the lake also meant that the bodies were not remaining in their graves.

    The lots had to be purchased, involving a monetary transaction, a deed and all other processes which came with owning a piece of land. Many didn’t have time to wait for this process to be completed so they would just dig up graves themselves.
    With concerns of sanitation of Lake Michigan, the city ordered the removal of the bodies because the city itself couldn’t afford it many graves were not marked and many of the families could not afford the process of moving their loved ones. The great chicago fire occurred before the bodies were moved.
    The park was created and the bodies still remain.

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